Balinese Black Rice Pudding Recipe


Balinese Black Rice Pudding is a healthful dessert from Indonesia constituted of black rice cooked in coconut milk. The rice pudding is ready through the use of the black glutinous rice which is mixed with coconut milk, Pandan leaves(non-obligatory), Gula melaka ( Palm Sugar) and is garnished with a dollop of coconut cream and banana slices giving us this drool worthy pudding.

The Black rice pudding is an excellent possibility for all of the vegan lovers additionally. It’s a should to soak the black rice for at least 6 hours or over night time else they may by no means get cooked so simply. Pandan leaves are non-obligatory they usually give a pleasant taste to the dish. The banana should be ripened to get a superb style. Since Indonesia is the enduring place for rising rice paddies, the black rice pudding types a significant a part of Balinese delicacy. 

Serve Balinese Rice pudding as a dessert after a easy Asian meal of  Vegetarian Thai Purple Curry and steamed rice

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